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      1. Public Security Traffic Management

        The rapid growth of vehicles has brought enormous pressure on urban roads, social environment and traffic management. The existing methods of transportation information collection, vehicle management and law enforcement regulation are unable to meet the increasing demand for traffic management. To cope with such dilemma, information technology, such as the Internet of Things(IoT), cloud computing and big data, has been developed to promote brand-new opportunities for the improvement of urban transportation management. 

        With in-depth research and application of the IoT over the years, Genvict has launched the core equipment and system solutions of electronic vehicle identification based on RFID technology. This system taps the advantages of RFID, which are fast identification, high accuracy, far identification range, long life span, strong anti-interference capacity, and service in all weathers. Supported with the anti-disassembly, anti-copy design of on board units (OBU), it can undertake panoramic perception, accurate control and intelligent regulation of the entire city road transportation in real time and online, and facilitate improvement of the public security traffic management.

        Public Security Traffic Management

        Successful Cases