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      1. Service overview

        Aim & Standard

        Aim: with the principle of “people-centric, customers first”, Genvict provides clients with comprehensive and high quality after-sales service in a variety of ways to satisfy clients.

        Standard: providing clients with comprehensive and 7*24h after-sales service.


        Contacts for Service

        Customer service e-mailoverseas@genvict.com
        Online customer serviceinstant messaging
        Feedbackofficial website feedback
        On-site technical supportsite installation, maintenance,  training, face-to-face service

        Service content
        • Product Delivery

          Deliver the products and service to customers timely and satisfy their demands.

        • Installation

          Professional installation, routine inspection and maintenance are provided to customers.

        • Engineering Maintenance

          Ensure normal operation by offering routine maintenance and failure repair.

        • Product Maintenance

          Set up maintenance centers and on-spot service stations to provide timely after-sales service.

        • Training Management

          Assist in applying and managing the products and service in a correct way through professional training.

        • Customer Complaint Management

          Cope with complaints, establishing good relationships with customers.

        • After-sales Tracking Management

          Contact customers proactively to learn about the user experience and suggestions, improving product and service quality.